Kultur Šok vol.2

The last preparations for the second Kultur Šok are behind the organizers. The area, in and around Dogana, has been decorated, a new stage has been set up and a new festival of creativity can begin. Širokobriješka Dogana, which in recent years has served as a quality venue for cultural events, will again on June 14 and 15 (Friday and Saturday) be a gathering place for all young creatives and gifted young men and women who will express through this festival their knowledge and skills.

The Kultur Shock project itself started from young creatives who wanted to show their talent to their city and their friends through a festival like this, either through song, literary work, or photography. At the head of this small and young group of creatives is Ivan Bogdan, a high school student from Široki Brijeg. It was Bogdan who confirmed in an interview with ABCportal that everything is ready and that they are looking forward to the beginning of the second Kultur Šok, which will be opened by a break dance team from Široki Brije.

All is ready for the new festival. By setting up a new stage for bands and arranging the space for visitors, we have practically determined the last details, so that there are no obstacles for the start of the second Kultur Šok, said Ivan Bogdan in an interview for ABCportal.

Renowned bands and performers from BiH and Croatia will perform in the music part of the festival. On the first evening, DJ Jay from Široki Brijeg will show his skills, and the bands Vas Legas (Mostar), Aesthetic Empathy (Sarajevo), Siledžije (Ljubuški), and Zoster (Mostar). The second evening will be opened by Pro Dance, a dance team from Mostar, followed by Igor Duraković on acoustic guitar, and the bands Darkvud (Sinj), Achromatic Attic (Zagreb), Hetrem (Široki Brijeg) and Pešes (Široki Brijeg).

By bringing these performers, we wanted to please the musical tastes (rock, metal, punk, reggae...) of our audience. Kultur Šok wants to wake up the dormant alternative scene in Široki Brijeg, and offer the audience a somewhat different festival flair, which they cannot find at other festivals, emphasized Bogdan.

In addition to the musical part of the program, visitors will be able to enjoy the exhibition of creative artists. For two hours every evening, visitors will have the opportunity to see an exhibition of literary works, photographs, and paintings in the space of the Dogana, intended specifically for exhibitions.

Festival ticket at a unique price of You can get 10 KM until Friday, that is, in the morning at the following sales points: Big Ben (Široki Brijeg), OKC Abrašević (Mostar), Meddle (Mostar) and Bambus (Ljubuški). Otherwise, the ticket for the first night costs 8 KM, while for visiting the second night of the festival you need to pay 5 KM.