About Us

Hetrem is a metal band formed on June 15th, 2007, in Široki Brijeg, Bosnia & Herzegovina by the rhythm guitarist and singer Filip Musa, lead guitarist Berislav Arapović and drummer Denis Leko, originally operating under the name Orion.

Their ranks soon expanded with the inclusion of guitarist Filip Zeljko and bassist Antonio Knezović, solidifying the band's foundation. The journey commenced with an ardent focus on original compositions as well as covers of famous metal hits and this culminated in the performances at the West Herzegovina Fest where the band played some of their early songs. Three of these compositions found their way onto an EP recorded in Mostar, serving as the springboard for the band's debut album.

Throughout the years Hetrem underwent various lineup transformations bidding farewell to Zeljko and Knezović while welcoming the arrival of bassist Eugen Marić. It was under this collective that the band flourished, taking the stages of numerous cities across Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Croatia.

Devoted to their craft, Hetrem honed their songwriting prowess in their new formation venturing beyond the realms of thrash metal and embracing the expansive territories of progressive death metal. This new approach culminated in the recording and release of their album "Human at Sight" in 2013, featuring a collection of 10 concept-driven songs.

Just prior to the completion of the album's recording Marić departed, making way for Tomislav Nebojša Tokić who had previously served as Eugen's backup bassist. This lineup shift marked a turning point for the band and with newfound vigor Hetrem took to the stage to promote their latest creations across various cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, their live endeavors temporarily came to a halt in 2016.

In a more recent chapter of their story, the band experienced another transformative lineup alteration in March 2017 as Zvonimir Mandić assumed the role of the band's lead vocalist.

In the same year, beset by limited resources, Filip's creativity sprang forth as he crafted custom guitars for Berislav and himself, marking the genesis of a new chapter for their band. With a newfound motivation and empowered by these handcrafted instruments, the band embarked on a fervent recording journey weaving the sonic tapestry of their second album.

Despite the constraints imposed by the demands of their individual lives, the band's dedication to their craft made it possible for the second album to be finished. Even though these problems were detrimental to the speed of making and recording the material it gave the band members enough time to meticulously shape each song.

In the year 2023 the culmination of their artistic labor came to fruition in the shape of the "Monster at Heart", the band’s second album.

While their presence may have been absent from the stage in recent years, behind the scenes the band invested their efforts into both their equipment and musical prowess. Fuelled by their passion to share their sonic creations, the band now sets their sights on touring extensively.

Besides the many live shows that the band did in its history, one of the most notable achievements was winning the audience vote award at Nektar Demofest in Banja Luka, among the 301 registered bands from the former SFRJ.