Distopija Fest

The Mostar contagion is spreading, Kooga Booking presents DISTOPIJA FEST, the first metal festival in Mostar. Guided by the idea of affirming the culture of \r\nalternative musical trends, inspired by a great love for the same, we proudly present to you the first metal festival in Mostar.\r\nThis is a kind of metallic counter to the case in which things have been getting deader and more empty for a long time.

We started from scratch, and now we invite everyone who understands the point and meaning of reviving things to join the reanimation with a positive attitude, attendance, and support.


BOGAMBER - well-known thrash metal legends from Tuzla. They have two more legendary albums behind them: Devastation of a sacred building (2003) and Disbelief (2007). A band that needs no special introduction, but come, hear and see.

RAPID STRIKE - Split thrash/heavy metallers. Behind them is the debut album God Take Me to Hell, numerous performances, and an almost complete line-up change (ex-Azazel). This year they performed at the metal fest in Zadar, and soon they will release their second album.

KK STREET BANGERS - Thrash metallers from Podgorica. Created in 2008. In 2010, they independently record and release an EP called Street, Rotten, Thrash Derby, which contains 4 fast dirty, and aggressive tracks created under the influence of alcohol and old thrash metal cults. They are currently preparing their first album.

SERGEANT SKULL AND DEATH LINE - Nuclear thrash machine from Zagreb formed in 2006. A band that wars and kills. The current edition called Trupa Trupala came out last year. Explosions, army, death, and destruction.

HETREM - Death/thrash metal band operating from Mostar and Široki Brije. Created in 2007 as OrioN. They have numerous performances in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. They are currently in the process of releasing their debut album.

KOROV - Mostar hardcore/metal band formed in 2011. He has one release behind him, the EP Against God and the State. Local support at the festival.

AGONIZE - Melodic death metal band, a kind of synonym for BH metal. Created in 1997 in Tuzla. They have the albums The Chosen One, When Memory Dies..., and the EP Fever.

Tickets in pre-sale price at 10 KM until November 8. From November 8, the ticket price is KM 13. On the day of the festival, the ticket price is 15 KM.